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Clients and colleagues alike agree that Anna's enthusiasm is infectious and equally agree that she is always "ready, willing and most capable" to respond to a buyer's or seller's every need. Whether by phone, fax, email or in person... Anna is inexhaustible when it comes to getting your luxury home/property sold or bought. You will find Anna has a winning combination of sensitivity, trustworthiness and persistence!

Anna values the importance of communication with her clients. She understands and listens to her client's needs and concerns, working collaboratively WITH them and FOR them.

It is not just one person, one company or one deal... that equals success... It is the professional and personal expertise of many that measure success. Every scenario is unique and special, Anna provides that "special touch" to every home transaction.

If you decide to buy or sell a home, Anna Boucher is an excellent real estate agent! Anna keeps focused on the clients needs, responds quickly to any questions or concerns and has a vast amount of knowledge about the communities in Marin County.


Rob Setrakian

Dr. Eugene Wolf


We recommend the team of Anna Boucher and Pat Kiisk as real estate agents. They previewed every home on the market, and only showed us the few that met our requirements. Rather than wait for the perfect home to come up for sale, however, Anna and Pat went on to locate and show us homes that were not for sale.

Anna and Pat are consummate professionals with knowledge and experience.

~Yuri and Julia Milner

Forbes Magazine The Billionaires Issue "Profile - Yuri Milner"

We asked Anna to sell our house because of her strong work ethic, positive attitude, persistence and enthusiasm. She was diligent in prioritizing the positive attributes of our home, our community and the schools in a difficult seller environment. When we were considering taking the house off the market, Anna encouraged us to hang in there. She stayed true to the goal of selling our beautiful home to the right family, and soon after it SOLD for more than we expected! Thank you Anna for your support and tireless effort!

~ N & S Gilbert, Kent Woodlands

We have worked with Anna Pennington Boucher for the past 23 months while we searched for a new home for our family. Anna worked tirelessly to help us find and finally purchase the home of our dreams. On our first day looking at houses with Anna, she took us to a home that she thought would be perfect for us. We fell in love with it, but for many reasons and for 23 months, we weren't able to purchase the home, try as we might. She never gave up on us and always kept a positive attitude even when we became discouraged. Anna continued to scour the market and showed us homes that might fit our needs while also trying to help us purchase the dream home we found on our first day with her. I am ecstatic to say that finally, after 23 months and hundreds of houses, we were able to purchase the first house we originally fell in love with. It was only through Anna's determination, creativity, tenacity, spirit, and heart that we are finally able to call our dream house "home". Anna watched out for our interests every step of the way and genuinely just wanted us to be happy. When other parties involved weren't doing what it took to make matters right, Anna made sure they made things right or she made them right herself! I can't say enough good things about her. We consider Anna a lifelong friend.

~ Christine and Andrew Salesky

We have worked with Anna Boucher on 3 properties in the past year and were very pleased with her service and professionalism. She bent over backwards to make sure that our interests were being best served. Her advise on one issue in particular ended up saving us thousands of dollars. Not only is she a pleasure and joy to work with, her attitude in life is refreshing and heartfelt. We continue to be excellent friends and treat her as one of the family.

~ MS & LK, Mill Valley, CA

Anna is an outstanding agent. We were moving to Marin from out of the country and were completely reliant on her knowledge of the Marin market to guide us in our home selection. Anna was focused and hard-working in searching out homes for us to review in the short window we had to find a new home. In addition to knowing the current inventory, Anna managed to identify a number of properties which were not yet on the market...and one of these is now our home. Both my wife and I value Anna's professionalism as well as her friendship...she did everything we needed to find a super home.

~ KC & LC, San Anselmo, CA

Anna Boucher served as our Real Estate agent for both the sale of our property in Kent Woodlands and on the purchase of our current home in Tiburon. Anna is one of the most creative, diligent, and hard-working real estate agents we've ever had. And we've moved 4 times now in the last 10 years - just in the Bay Area! On the sale of our house in Kentfield, Anna put together an online portfolio and video showcase that highlighted the most attractive perspectives of the home. Together with an aggressive marketing blitz and inviting brokers open house, we sold our house for above asking on the first day of the brokers open. We couldn't have asked for more!

On the purchase of our current home in Tiburon, Anna helped us navigate through several issues on our first home choice. In the end, we decided not to pursue this home. Instead, we fell in love with what we considered an ultimate dream home. At first we did not think we could get into the house since it was more than what we were originally looking for, but after a lot of hard work and negotiation with mortgage bankers, brokers, and home owners; we were able to work a deal that was attractive to all involved. Anna's persistence and hard work deserves the credit here. We are now positioned to put our own touch on this home and already feel that worth more than we bought it for.

My wife Brenda and I would be glad to be a reference to anyone considering Anna Boucher.

~Regards Kevin

Anna is very committed to an open communication policy. She has always been accessible and responsive to our concerns and inquires. Anna has also impressed me (and my clients) in her creative and exhaustive marketing efforts. Her professional reputation is without equal, and I can confidently recommend her to you.

~Tobin & Tobin, John P. Christian

We are writing this letter to express our pleasure in working with your Anna Boucher. We have looked for a home for more than a year and have used Anna's information, patients and suggestions throughout. We must say she has been very professional in her approach and handling of our problem, exhibiting a degree of patience and enthusiasm unexpected. Her response to phone calls and emails is without time constraints, is virtually immediate, even if engaged with other business or personal matters. Her guidance is invaluable. We wanted to let you know how happy we are with Anna in finding and closing our new home and look forward to a relationship with your company and Anna for any of our future needs.

~Sincerely, Chal and Lisa

Dear Josh and Kara, While we have not yet met, we do both share a connection with Anna Boucher. I have heard that she, among others, is being considered as your listing agent and I feel compelled to share my experience of her with you. I have owned and sold many homes over the years and have come to expect a certain standard that comes with top realtors. While Anna is not actually my agent, she has become entrusted with my home when my agent is out of the country. Anna has put in more work, creativity, and enthusiasm than anyone I have ever worked with. She is a professional in the truest sense of the word. Always on time, energetic, knowledgeable and passionate, she educates the buyers about the house and elevates a showing into something of a docent tour. Anna is capable of thinking "out of the box" and follows up with and meets with buyers to assist them in looking at creative avenues that other agents were not even aware existed.

If I had the choice of any agent that I have ever worked with over the years, it would be, without question, Anna Boucher. Through her, I have learned what true professionalism and excellence in representation is. If you are fortunate enough to be able to work with her, I know that you will agree.

~ Sincerely, Laurie McFarlin

It is our pleasure to write a testimonial about working with Anna Boucher as a real estate agent. We have had a whirlwind of a month buying a property and selling our property and outfitting us in a temporary rental within a couple of weeks. Anna is truly full service and goes above and beyond the typical real estate agent. She is extremely sensitive and very in touch with clients needs. In fact, the way she met us was just by listening to my husbands desires in a property while he walked through one of her open houses. Next thing we knew she was on the phone and sending us pictures and appointments to properties that matched our wants. These weren't just the recent listings on MLS, Anna is a fabulous networker and relentless at it. She utilizes her endless resources to continuously provide a service for her clients that goes beyond finding or selling properties. These include house swap ideas, babysitting for her client's children to make viewing open homes easier, providing resources to help with relocation and packing, and is continuously asking what she can do to make any transition of any transaction easier. The responsiveness of Anna is unbelievable. Any question that arises is always answered and answered with lightning speed. She is always there and the fastest iphone email-er we have ever met. She blasts out responses on her little device. Our family's term of endearment for her is Anna Bulldog Boucher and our son has reserved one of his bunk beds for her.

~ Kara and Josh Fisher

I am truly honored to write a letter of recommendation for Anna Boucher. I cannot express enough how happy I am with her work. My home had been on the market for several years, and had gone through three different realtors. Anna marketed my home with a fresh new energy. After so many years on the market, most realtors felt that they knew the house. Anna brought them back into the house to consider again by creating fun events. Enthusiasm spread, and the house quickly sold.

Anna works tremendously hard and is brilliant at solving problems, but it is her joy and her positive outlook that get the job done seamlessly. Work with Anna and you will meet your goal whether you are selling or buying with an incredible partner.

~ Laurie McFarlin

Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with real estate agent, Anna Boucher. Anna had the listing of a very special residence in Marin County of one of my top client's.

The property was spectacular. The house was built in the 1930's and had been painstakingly and beautifully remodeled with no expense spared. But what should have been relatively "simple" to sell in a strong market, proved to be an enormous challenge in a weakened economy for high-end properties. Anna was extraordinary in her efforts to market, show, and sell the house. She diligently pursued every marketing avenue possible in highly creative and unique ways. She was tireless in her efforts to sustain the interest, the exposure, and the freshness of the listing which ultimately led to successful sale of property.

I found Anna to be a delight to work with and a professional in every sense of the word. I highly recommend her to manage the sale of any property, knowing that she would put her greatest efforts into it.

~ Suzanne Tucker