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Real Estate Marketing Plan Strategy

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Anna's proven real estate marketing plan successfully achieves the goals and objectives of selling luxury properties in today's highly competitive market. The plan is tri-fold, combining Positioning, Marketing and Negotiation.


Anna provides a comprehensive profile and analysis of your property, neighborhood, community and the current market status.


Anna's marketing mix is multi-level and multi-media, providing maximum exposure in highlighting the unique and saleable features of your property.

  • Listings in Marin County, San Francisco and Sonoma Multiple Listing Services
  • Advertising your luxury home in local and state newspapers, real estate trade journals such as Real Estate Marin, Napa/Sonoma & San Francisco, and contemporary business publications
  • High quality photography, staging, composition and printing of luxury property brochures
  • Cutting-edge technology including digital photography, virtual tours, global Internet & E-Commerce positioning and communications


Strong negotiation skills are the ultimate keys in closing smoothly for the desired results. Anna's strengths are her legal savvy and exceptional communication skills. She has a proven record of providing clarity and perspective... ensuring her clients a successful transaction.

From beginning to end, Anna's benchmark is her consistent and professional service throughout your home transaction, and specifically in the implementation of her well-planned home marketing strategy, designed and detailed for your luxury Marin, San Francisco, and Bay Area properties.