Record Low Mortgage Rates May Help Boost Luxury Property Sales

So far in 2012, home buyers with good credit have been able to take advantage of 30-year fixed rate mortgages averaging below 4%, as lenders try to encourage home buyers to enter the marketplace. What’s even more impressive is that … Continue reading

Bay Area Luxury Real Estate Comeback Thanks to Tech Growth

After a period of relative quiet, activities in Silicon Valley, led by the Facebook IPO, are driving up demand for luxury homes in the Bay Area, which in turn is driving up demand and prices. This is an opportunity for Bay Area luxury home sellers who were waiting for the multiple-offer environment to return in order to move on or move up, and a window for buyers to act before the market sends premium properties within commuting distance out of reach. Continue reading

What is a Luxury Home in Marin?

View of Golden Gate Bridge

Sotheby real estate agent Anna Boucher says, “Luxury homes in Marin, and throughout the Bay Area, are one of a kind, and all meet the stringent Sotheby qualifications of having extraordinary design. Whether this uniqueness is defined by opulence, location or architectural originality, all luxury homes have an elegance that stands the test of time.” Continue reading